night, late w​/​out (NB​-​008)

by Abraham Leonard

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released May 22, 2014


tags: folk Asheville


all rights reserved


Abraham Leonard Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: you would not choose nothing
you could not decide
without or within
like water being frozen unfrozen and frozen again
its flow is inconsistent
i choose to go or not go with it

and there is no credit
there is no amendment
there is amazement
there is nothing so blatant

so if you could decide
to listen without doubt
reborn in a corner in the night late without
these songs are not insisting
would you choose to go and not go with me
Track Name: a hole in the river
i went down to the water
the calmest quietest part
not giving one good measure
but intending to receive
a hole in the river
swallowing all the leaves
let me go

and meanwhile returning
and constantly beginning
and in the meantime leaving
and at the same time ending

at the peak of the opening
the skin and waters parting
the origin of pleasure
being swallowed and emerging
and the bane of my intention
intending to be free
let you go
Track Name: the middle of the beginning
Track Name: selfdeath/fear
my pride
is safe and close inside
until my mouth opens wide
my sympathy
is a fruitless fleeting thing
destructive kind
destroying quietly
tailor made for me

your self can can be
felt and realized
but cannot be seen or in disguise
so set it free
a forgettable melody
that gives a word
but will not rise
and fear is the key
Track Name: your little voice
oh sister so fancy free
all dressed up in white to see
the gifts that i offer thee
they trickle down aimlessly

a cradle beside your bed
all empty and cold and dead
to fill it with life instead
with your little voice
Track Name: blood seed
i found a river of blood
beneath and between the trunk of your legs
flowing into the soil again and again
and the grass that grew there swayed with the sound of laughter in the wind
Track Name: you should not believe me
again i find it harder to do my work and pay my rent
you cant help me out with it
you are not that innocent

you should not believe me when i say that im alone
all my friends are here and the brought their beers from home
after i drink some i might call you on the phone
Track Name: fuck these songs
welcomed into this wet and warming chamber
from out of such lust and anger
veins and tubes your life to anchor
tuning toward your body's perfect tone

these songs were meant to keep you from danger
your life devoid of shame and glamour
but fuck these songs so slow and somber
cradling life like teeth around a bone
Track Name: never passing over
at the edge of the shadow of the world
theres a kindness
a kind of dimness
never moving
though the world moves her weight
never passing over
though we pass under
and with each passing
lies the will to wait
one more day to be in her favor
Track Name: saviour city
if i was able to swallow your whole life
and cause it to vanish into a single cell
would you be inclined to swallow me whole as well
cause i have an idea of what the future holds
but it is not consistent with what the masters say
but maybe salvation isnt so far away.

and in keeping with the laws that my body has made for me
i would carry you but not forever
and if night is the shadow of the world on the world
then your shadow on the world is my only reminder

and in the torrent of credit i took for saving you
you wouldve been buried beneath the rising praise
and the guilt of a decade wouldve swallowed up all my days.

so will you acknowledge the longing in the eyes
of your blind and begging saviour
or will you condemn the sightless wonder of his eyes
and disappear along with your favor
or will you wrap your body around mine so i can feel
and give my blindness meaning
or in my fading vision will your legs remain unseen
and the moon drink up all the wetness left between
Track Name: i started out alone
i started out alone and then turned back
to he place where my dead skin once lay hardened
and someone else's skin lay warm and thick
and it covered me against the cold
i heard a single note above the wind
beginning fading and beginning again
the sound of the earth echoed through the night
a symphony of dead and dying skin